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Optical Solutions

Fiber Optic

This is a purely fiber installation either in the Metropolitan area from the Central Office (CO) to the business or residential consumer locations or the long haul from one Metro area to another. Recently, fiber optical has been making its way to places never thought of before (directly into homes and offices) with the introduction fiber optic media converters which converts fiber signals to Ethernet and fiber optic network adapters which plugs directly into your PC. Using the latest aggregate routers and concentrators, Sahara Networks can help you plan, design and implement your fiber networks.

Free-space Optical

Free-space optical offers fiber-like data rates and availability with the true simplicity and ease of use of a wireless solution. The award-winning SONAbeam™'s FSO technology uses invisible light beams to deliver high-speed wireless communications that are both reliable and secure.

Wireless Internet Access

Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC)

Point to Point/ Multipointi

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

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